Theatrical Reel

Various clips from TV and Film

Commercial Reel

Various clients and Ad Campaigns 

Comedy Reel

Wanna laugh? Clips from various TV shows, Web-series, and films...

Music Video Reel

Including "Above & Beyond," "The Neighbourhood," "Noel Gallagher," and "The Midnight Beasts"

Hosting Reel

"Leader Waveform Monitor by SONY" Industrial

"Backstage Girls" Trailer

A Web-series Michelle created while getting ready for a play, in the dressing room. 

"Dirt" by BRAT Productions

Starring as RANDI ROACH in "Dirt" Web-series for BRAT Productions on YouTube

Cop~Detective~FBI~CIA Reel

Scenes from "9-1-1,"  "The Rookie," and other TV and Film projects

Mom & Wife Footage

Various Clips from TV and Film of Michelle playing a Wife and Mother